Fabrikamızın açılış kokteyline katılan çalışanlarımıza, müşterilerimize ve tüm sevdiklerimize teşekkür ederiz. Açılışımızın basında yer alan görüntülerine ve açılış fotoğraflarımızı sizlerle paylaşmak istiyoruz. YAR-KİM Endüstriyel Bakım Ürünleri, İstanbul’un Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Aramotik ceddesindeki yeni fabrikasına taşındı. YAR-KİM’in yeni fabrikasının açılışı nedeniyle hafta sonu tören düzenlendi. YAR-KİM’in 11 yıldır Bölge Koordinatörlüğü görevini başarı ile.. read more →

DİAMOND KREM-(Skin Cleaning Cream)

Endüstriyel Cilt Temizleme Kremi Features: * Effective in cleaning hands with heavy oil. * Contains lean it does not leave the skin to which lanolin. * Non-irritating, due to particles in the formula it makes thorough cleaning of the hand , goes between the cracks even enter clearing with the maximum effect. * Caustic, acid and.. read more →

SOL-4 (Weaving Comb Cleaner)

• Used in the cleaning of unwanted fat from comb looms and machines and other metal parts in the textile industry. • Compared to the other solvent, it does not hurt the plastic parts of the loom and sensor. • Can be easily used for removal of grease and oil, • Late volatile solvent that.. read more →

DIAMOND N.C.(Heavy oil and grease removal fluid, pre – washing agent)

It is suitable for use in industrial grade and normal washing machines. It can be used safely on especially cleaning the tablecloths with food stains on them. Features: Destroys stubborn stains easily. It is economical. Application is easy. Effectively removes heavy grease and dirt.   Usage: With DIAMOND N.C. washing is done filling the pre-wash tank.. read more →

SOL-10 ( Dye Remover Solvent for Printing )

• An industrial solvent used as oil and ink remover in the metal and printing industry. • Releases desired rate of oil drops, it does not hurt to mold used in the printing industry. It can be safely used in the cleaning rollers. • It is not recommended for use in sensitive and flimsy plastic. •.. read more →